Testimonials and Links

Check out some of the feedback we have received, or scroll down for our list of recommended and helpful sites for Marlborough and the South Island.

  • An audio testimonial from one of our tour participants.

  • Personal is best.

    "We especially appreciated touring with Rhys of Absolutely Fabulous Southern lakes Tours when we would see a tour bus packed with 60 - 80 people zoom by, while we are pulled off the road photographing a pristine waterfall- you could never do that with a large tour group".

  • The Sites and experiences

    "All our activities and experiences can't be captured in this email - the Dolphins and Penguins, glacier trekking, Lord of the Rings sites, etc.  We shot over 25 rolls of film and shot nearly 6 hours of digital video.  We will soon have an incredible documentary of our journey!"

  • More Comments

    "Julie and I returned from an unforgettable adventure on New Zealand's South Island. We saw and did things we thought we could only do in dreams. For example, trek thru a tropical rain forest and glacier in the same day! We had an unbelievable trip. Our guide, Rhys, drove us all over the South Island (we covered over 1500 miles), he was fantastic and took care of everything."

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